The Fantasy 100



Win with The Fantasy 100

What is the Grand Prize?

The Grand Prize, which will go to the winner of the playoffs, is a 3 night stay starting Friday, February 3rd, 2017 at a penthouse at the Bellagio during the weekend of The Big Game (we aren't legally allowed to call it by its name, but it takes place on Sunday, February 5th, 2017).

Other features of the prize include:

  1. The opportunity to bring up to 5 people with you
  2. Airfare
  3. $500 MGM gift certificate
  4. Limo transport
  5. VIP Concierge

How do I get 5 people to go on the trip with me if I win?

The number of people you can take on the trip is determined by if you played in a buddy league. If you did not play in one, you can bring one guest.

If you did play in a buddy league with 2 friends for at least 1 segment, then each friend will be able to go on the trip as well as bring a guest. The 2 players and their guests will receive airfare up to $500 a person and accommodations at the Bellagio for 3 nights.

If you played in a buddy league with more than two others, then the two players who had the highest scores in any one segment will be eligible to go on the trip and bring a guest. If the high-scorers can’t go on the trip, then the next highest-scoring player in the buddy league will be eligible.

If 6 people go on the trip, then your group will also have the room that connects to the penthouse available to use.

What if someone else in my buddy league wins The Fantasy 100?

As long as you finish in the top 2 in your buddy league, then you will be guaranteed to go on the trip to Las Vegas (not to mention the higher you finish, the better your chance of being next in line if somebody in the group can’t make the trip). The more players there are in your buddy league, the better the chances that someone in your league will win the Grand Prize and for you to go on the trip.